Every person in the Victorian Hockey Community has the right to participate in an environment which is safe, welcoming and inclusive. Equally every player, coach, official, spectator and administrator plays a part in ensuring their actions and behaviours are supportive of these values.

In 2013 Hockey Victoria embarked on the strategic objective of being the safe, welcoming and inclusive community sport for all Victorians.  A mantle that the Board and Executive are extremely passionate about and committed to.  

Hockey Victoria (HV) strongly endorses the ASC’s Codes of Behaviour and has used these codes to develop our own codes applicable to all Hockey Victoria Competitions, Events & Programs including:

  • HV State Representative Teams
  • HV Senior Competition
  • HV Junior Competition
  • HV Masters Competition
  • HV Junior State Championships
  • HV Athlete Development Programs
  • HV Summer Competition
  • HV Indoor Competition

Further to the programs listed above it is HV’s expectation that any player, coach, official, supporter or administrator who interacts and / or communicates via phone, email, sms or via online forums does so with the behavioural standards expected as part of these codes.    

HV would like to encourage all affiliated associations who administer localised competitions to also endorse and adopt these Codes of Behaviour within their competitions, events and programs. You can modify the Codes template as required to suit your own needs and circumstances.  

As a player, parent, coach, administrator, official or supporter in any activity held by or under the auspices of HV or one of HV’s Affiliated Clubs or Associations, you must meet the requirements in regard to your conduct during any such activity or event.  HV will look to identify and penalise any behaviour which is unsocial or against these codes as part of its judicial process.  

An outline of the process and penalty guidelines are listed as part of the Codes of Behaviour.  

If you have any queries in relation to Hockey Victoria Codes of Behaviour, please contact the Hockey Victoria office on (03) 9448 2100 or send an email to admin@hockeyvictoria.org.au.

I thank you for your support in creating safe, welcoming and inclusive environments for all people in hockey by encouraging appropriate behaviour at all times.  I look forward to our sport continuing to demonstrate our values to the wider community and encouraging growth in the hockey family.  

Andrew Skillern
Chief Executive Officer
Hockey Victoria

Codes of Behaviour

The HV Codes of Behaviour are available below.








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