How to Register

The information contained on this page can assist in registering a member based on the following situations:

  • an individual member registering at ONE Club in 2018
  • an individual member registering at MULTIPLE Clubs
  • family members registering at ONE Club with the same email address (linked membership)
  • family of members registered at MULTIPLE Clubs with the same email address (linked membership)


Families, in particular, can take advantage of the linked membership functionality so that all family members can be registered with only ONE email address.

This is perfect for families with young children that don't have their own individual email address.

How to Register User Guide

Use the following steps to assist in completing your registrations.

Membership Portal


Select your Club from the listing. This will redirect to your Club's registration portal listing both Hockey Victoria and Club memberships/subscriptions (if available).


Section 1: Registering an individual member (or first member for families)

1. Subscription

Select the appropriate Hockey Victoria Membership available in your Club’s registration portal.

The Hockey Victoria Memberships will be highlighted in blue and start with HV 2018.

If required/appropriate, select your Club fee/s.

Note: Subscriptions with the (i) symbol next to the price indicates a mandatory payment is required. If mandatory and non-mandatory subscriptions are selected in the same transaction, payment of ALL fees will be required upfront.  If your Club fee is not mandatory, you can return to the subscription listing page AFTER purchasing your Hockey Victoria fee and you can select “submit only”.

Once the appropriate subscriptions have been selected.

Click NEXT

2. Information

1. Type in your email address. Press tab or select the Password box.

2. If no pop-up box appears, the email address is NEW and you will be required to create a new password. Continue completing information. Skip to Step 5.

3. If the email address already exists in the system, the below pop-up box will appear. Type in your password (or use the Forgotten Your Password? button) to login.  Once you have entered your password, click AUTHENTICATE


4. Once you have logged in to your account, the details of the primary member will appear. 

   a. To change to another member registered at this account, select from the dropdown box, or

   b. To add a new member to this account, select REGISTER ANOTHER PERSON TO THIS ACCOUNT

5. Complete the details for the member. Mandatory items are marked *

6. Click NEXT

3. Questions

1.  Complete all questions. Mandatory questions are marked with an asterisk (*)

2.  Click NEXT

4. Summary

This page will display the shopping cart.

1.  Select PAY NOW if you are either:

   a. a single club member or

   b. the only member linked to this email registering at THIS club;

2. If you want to register additional members at THIS Club with this account, proceed to Section 2: Registering additional members at the same club

3. If you want to complete a dual registration or register additional members with this account at a DIFFERENT Clubs, click PAY NOW. After payment is complete, see Section 3: Registering members at different Clubs.

Section 2: Registering Additional Members - at the same Club

1. Select Add Another Registration

The below screen will appear listing ALL members linked to this account.

Select the member to be registered and click CONFIRM


This will take you to the subscription listing page.

Continue the process as outlined in Section 1.

If you are required to retype your email address, the below may appear. Select the most appropriate option

Follow the prompts.  The cart will be updated to reflect multiple members selected.

Continue to add as many additional members as required.

At the payment screen, select PAY NOW to complete the registration.

If you have family members to be registered at a different clubs, see SECTION 3: Registering Members at Different Clubs. 

Section 3: Registering Members - at different Clubs

Once you have completed Section 1 and Section 2 (if appropriate), click your name in the top right corner and select logout.  This will then direct you to a page to select RETURN TO PORTAL to complete logging out.

Note: If you are doing this at a later time, you may not be required to logout (i.e. select the Return To Portal button).

Visit to select your secondary Club (or the primary Club for other family members).

Complete the steps as outlined in section 1.

Note: If the individual member has already purchased a Hockey Victoria fee, you are eligible to select the HV 2018 Dual / Secondary Club Player Membership Add-On. 

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