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1 – Only ONE Membership card (regardless of physical or digital status) is allowable per member.  If you are a player that registers as an official or coach please select the Excluding SNHC Entry option.  If you select and purchase the including SNHC Entry option, your access to the SNHC will be overridden. Physical card available at an additional cost to playing members if the member does not want to use the digital membership card.  Access to the SNHC via the digital card will be cancelled once a physical card has been processed.  More information is provided in the receipt after payment of a HV Membership.

2 – State Netball Hockey Centre (SNHC) Entry is valid until 31 December 2019 for applicable memberships. When entering the SNHC, a valid 2019 Hockey Victoria Membership Card is required (i.e. digital for players, physical for Supporters and eligible Official Members). If a Membership Card is not presented at the time of entry, appropriate gate entry prices will apply. Included SNHC Entry is only applicable for designated Hockey Victoria visits only.  This includes High Performance Programs, State Teams training, Hockey Victoria Events and Programs based at the SNHC.  Entry is inclusive of 2019 HV Winter Competition Finals Series.  Restrictions may apply.  Does not include entry to ticketed, Ticketmaster and non-hockey related visits.

3 – For more information on the SportsPass Membership Benefits Program visit

4 – In 2019, Hockey Victoria have introduced an Indoor Playing Membership to compliment expanded indoor offerings.  All participants participating in HV Indoor Competitions & Events must now register via the HV Indoor Membership Portal directly and nominate an Indoor Club. All other playing members in HV Outdoor, Club and/or Association based Competitions & Events should be registered appropriately via their Club portal.

5 – Zone Representative Events include, for example, Junior State Championships (JSC), Junior Country Championships (JCC), Senior Country Championships (SCC) and any other Zone Representative Events that may occur within the year.

6 – Manage your mail preferences by selecting unsubscribe at the bottom of bulk Hockey Victoria correspondence.

7- Non-Playing Member Personal Accident Insurance only applicable to Non-Participating Officials, including voluntary workers, including co-opted voluntary workers, club committee members, office bearers and medical officers.

8 – The HV 2019 Dual / Secondary Club Registration is available for selection by members in respective Club portals.  This membership add-on is applicable for members that have already purchased a 2019 Hockey Victoria Playing Membership. Each member only needs to purchase ONE paid playing membership per year. Selecting this Dual / Secondary Club Registration at your secondary Club (using the same Member Record as your paid membership) will activate your membership at that respective additional Club.  To be selectable on team sheets etc. your member record must be active at each appropriate Club and hold the appropriate Hockey Victoria Playing Membership.

* Registered participants (excluding Hookin2Hockey) are covered for Personal Accident Insurance from registration date until the end of the coverage period (i.e. 31 December 2019).  Registered Hookin2Hockey participants are covered whilst participating in the initial Hookin2Hockey program.  When a Hookin2Hockey participant transitions from Hookin2Hockey to other forms of hockey participation (e.g. intra-club competitions), the participant is required to purchase the appropriate 2019 Junior or Youth Playing Membership.

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